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Madame Grusha

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Madame Grusha
Madame Grusha is never seen in the book
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Madame Grusha is a character featured in The Crystal Trap. She is a Fortune Teller who resides in the Town of Ruto.


When Princess Zelda arrives to the Town of Ruto, she decides she could use some advice and enters the fortune-teller's parlor.[1] Inside, a wrinked old woman known as Madame Grusha greets her and mentions that Zelda has traveled far from Midoro Palace, which surprises Zelda as to how the old woman knew.[2] Grusha goes on to say that the princess is seeking three things and although Grusha knows how to help Zelda, she cannot speak of it in their current location.[3] As such, she asks that Zelda follow her into her inner sanctum; however, before Zelda follows her into the other room, the princess begins to question whether she should trust the fortune teller or not.[4]

If Zelda follows Madame Grusha into the other room, she will promptly get surrounded by Moblins who quickly attack her.[5] Just then, Grusha reveals herself to be a Wizzrobe in disguise and the book ends with a Game Over as Zelda wishes she had been more careful.[6] If, however, Zelda chooses not to follow Madame Grusha, Zelda will back away from the other room and take out her bow, and just then the fortune-teller commands her to not leave.[7] Grusha's shape changes into a Wizzrobe, who orders Moblins to attack the princess; however, Zelda easily defeats them with the use of arrows.[8] The Wizzrobe then throws a casting spell at her, but the princess reflects the attack by grabbing a nearby mirror, defeating both the Wizzrobe and the remaining Moblin.[9]


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