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Lupay (Boss)

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Weakness(es)Reflected energy beams

Lupay (pronounced /ˈluːpeɪ/ LOO-pay)[1] is the fifth boss in The Faces of Evil. They are located in the Lupay area.


Lupay is an anthropomorphic wolf who is a minion of Ganon. They are encountered in their Face of Evil, the Lupay area. Lupay enslaves Koridians by cursing them with Rubies, replacing their souls and turning them into Moblins.[2] Lupay also possesses a third eye that fires energy beams. Upon their defeat, Lupay vanishes and leaves the Crystal of Vision behind.


Lupay can only be defeated by deflecting their energy shots with the Reflecting Shield.


  • Aside from Ganon, Lupay is the only boss in The Faces of Evil who is not fought a second time.
  • Lupay is similar to The Wand of Gamelon boss Omfak. Both are penultimate bosses before Ganon that resemble anthropomorphic wolves.
  • Lupay has a distinctly feminine voice in the English version of the game, but speaks with a more masculine voice in other languages.



  1. "Consider Lupay the most dangerous of Ganon's minions." — Gwonam (The Faces of Evil)
  2. "With this Rubie, I replace your soul. You will obey." — Lupay (The Faces of Evil)