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TWoG Lubonga Cutscene Sprite.png
Voice actor(s)
Josie McElroy

Lubonga is a character in The Wand of Gamelon.[1] She is a woman living in Aru Ainu, Gamelon.


Lubonga lives in the village of Aru Ainu, where she resides inside one of the village's two huts. She is the last of the settlement's remaining residents, after a Gleeok chased out the rest of the populace. In spite of this, she says that she is not afraid of the monsters that now plague the village.[2] She spends her time knitting a Shroud in her hut, which she gives to Zelda to defeat Gibdo with, claiming that it will "scare the wraps off (him)."



  1. "Talk to Lubonga to get the Shroud." (CD Interactief Volume 1, Issue 1 (HUB Uitgevers), pg. 36)
  2. "Everyone ran when the Gleeok came, but monsters no better than bothering me." — Lubonga (The Wand of Gamelon)