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Loyal Sage

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Loyal Sage
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Loyal Sage is a character in A Link to the Past.[1]


In A Link to the Past, the Loyal Sage is an old man who resides in the Sanctuary of Hyrule. He guards Princess Zelda and stays with her after Link rescues her from the Hyrule Castle dungeon and brings her to the Sanctuary. However, while Link is obtaining the Master Sword from the Lost Woods, the Loyal Sage is mortally wounded when soldiers attack the Sanctuary and kidnap the princess. As he is dying, the Loyal Sage tells Link that Princess Zelda was taken to Hyrule Castle so Agahnim could use her to open the Seven Sages's Seal.[2] Soon afterwards, the Sage disappears.

The Loyal Sage is last seen during the ending credits after he is revived when Link defeats Ganon, acquires the Triforce, and reverses Ganon's evil deeds.

Other Appearances

A Link to the Past (Ishinomori)

Main article: Old Man § A Link to the Past Comic

In the A Link to the Past comic by Shotaro Ishinomori, an Old Man lives in the Sanctuary, replacing the Loyal Sage from the game. However, he has a short role in the comic and only appears in the first chapter.


Nintendo of America changed the character's original name 神父様 (Priest) for the North American release, in accordance with its policy on religious content.[citation needed] Some European localizations follow suit while others keep the original meaning.

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