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Lost at Sea Station

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Lost at Sea Station
Lost at Sea Station Entrance.png
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Lost at Sea Station is a location in Spirit Tracks.[1] It features an optional dungeon known as the Lost at Sea Temple.[2] The temple is a replica of the Temple of the Ocean King from Phantom Hourglass.

Features and Overview

Situated in the southeast corner of the Ocean Realm, the island can only be accessed once Link gives 5 pieces of Dark Ore to Linebeck III. As a sign of gratitude, he will reward the young hero with a Force Gem that reveals the Spirit Tracks to the Lost at Sea Station.

Here, Link must activate the two light switches by playing the Song of Light and afterward play the Song of Discovery where the lights cross, revealing a Treasure Chest containing a random treasure. To reach the top of the cliff, the young hero must use the Whip to grapple onto the bird's trapeze, and he must once again play the Song of Light near the light switch. There is a hidden cave that must be bombed where the switch's light indicates. Within it, there is nothing but a Gossip Stone; however, when it is activated with the Song of Awakening, it will reveal that the cave is actually a replica of a temple in a distant land, presumably the Temple of the Ocean King from Phantom Hourglass. If Link agrees, he will enter the temple, where he will be unable to use his Sword or Bow.

The music in the Lost at Sea Station is the same as the music from the dungeons in Phantom Hourglass.

Themes and Navigation

Within the Lost at Sea Temple, Link will encounter all four types of Phantoms while he completes the challenges on every floor. He will be rewarded with a Regal Ring once he completes the temple.

As Link goes through the dungeon, he will find various Treasure Chests containing common treasures; however, from time to time, he will obtain a medium-rare treasure. Link can complete the Lost at Sea Temple as many times as he wants to receive an infinite amount of Regal Rings.

Floor Phantoms Objective
First 2 Regular Phantoms Light up all three torches using the Boomerang
Second 2 Torch Phantoms Put out all 13 lit up torches using the Whirlwind
Third 2 Warp Phantoms and one Phantom Eye Pull the correct four swords from each pair of fish statues using the Whip
Fourth 4 Wrecker Phantoms Smash all rocks
Fifth One of each type of Phantom Open all four Treasure Chests

Minor Traps and Enemies


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
French-speaking countries French Gare cachée des mers
Federal Republic of Germany German Geheimbahnhof Meer Secret Station Sea
Italian Republic Italian Stazione sul mare
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Andén oculto de los Mares Hidden Platform of the Seas



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