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Lost Old Man

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Lost Old Man
Maiden (granddaughter)

The Lost Old Man is a character in A Link to the Past.[1]



He appears when Link first enters Death Mountain. He is quite lost and is missing his lantern. He asks Link to aid him in getting to the safe house on the top of the mountain outside the caves. Once the way is lit by the light of Link's Lantern, the old man helps guide him to the top.

For helping him, the old man rewards Link with the Magic Mirror. He will also aid Link anytime whenever he comes to his safe house by refilling his life energy. While leading him through the mountain, the old man will talk about how he has a granddaughter who was abducted by the wizard Agahnim as a part of his plan to break the sages seal.[2] This reveals that the granddaughter is one of the seven Maidens, and she is a descendant of the ancient Sages. Therefore, the Lost Old Man may or may not himself be a descendant of the Sages, depending on what side of the family he is on.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ヘブラ山の老人 (Hebura Yama no Roujin) Old Man of Mount Hebra
French Republic FrenchEU Vieil Homme Perdu Lost Old Man
Italian Republic Italian Vecchio Perduto Lost Old Man



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  2. "You know, I have a granddaughter who is your age... The king took her to the castle and she never returned. Kidnapping those maidens must be part of the wizard's plot! I'm sure he is trying somehow to use the power of the descendants of the seven sages..." — Lost Old Man (A Link to the Past)