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Lorule Castle

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Lorule Castle
Location(s) Lorule
Game(s) A Link Between Worlds
Main Item Red Mail or Blue Mail
Mini-boss(es) Arrghus (Yellow)
Gigabari (Purple)
Lorule Ball and Chain Soldier (2×)
Moldorm (Purple)
Quest Reward(s)Unlock entrance to Throne Room
Theme Music "Lorule Castle"

Lorule Castle is a location and the final Dungeon in A Link Between Worlds.[1] It is Lorule's incarnation of Hyrule Castle and thus is the home of the Royal Family of Lorule. The final room of the Castle, the Throne Room where Yuga Ganon is battled, is demarcated as a separate Dungeon.

Entrance to the Castle

Interior of Lorule Castle

After Yuga has abducted both Princess Zelda and Impa from Hyrule Castle, he spirits them away to Lorule Castle through a Fissure in Princess Zelda's private office. Link gives chase, using Ravio's Bracelet to follow the fiend, and arrives in the private office of Princess Hilda inside Lorule Castle. Following Yuga's merging with Ganon into Yuga Ganon, Hilda casts a barrier around Lorule Castle, blocking the entrance supposedly to keep Yuga and his minions from escaping. After Link has rescued all of the Seven Sages and obtained the Triforce of Courage, Hilda lifts the barrier blocking the entrance, allowing the hero access to the Castle's interior through the front door.

Themes and Navigation

The central chamber of Lorule Castle

By the time Link has gained the Triforce of Courage, Lorule Castle has been overrun by enemies who will attack Link on sight. Lava fills much of the Dungeon, making for a very perilous journey through the structure. Link must make use of Ravio's Bracelet in several instances to reach seemingly unreachable places, and he must also manipulate light and darkness to see certain things that would otherwise be hidden to the eye.

Lorule Castle consists of a central chamber where a grated metal platform hangs above a pit of lava, with spiraling stairways along the walls that climb four floors high. On the first and second floors, several ledges and small rooms containing Treasure Chests and Fairies can be reached through creative uses of Link's abilities. Guarding the staircase to the second floor is the Dungeon's first of five Sub-Bosses, the fire-wielding Lorule Ball and Chain Soldier.

Upon reaching the third floor, Link sees a huge set of doors with the images of four more Sub-Bosses on them. Akin to The Wind Waker, each of the four major rooms of the Castle, accessed from the third and fourth floors, contains familiar elements from previous Dungeons along with new and unique puzzles, culminating in a battle against a returning Boss from earlier in Link's adventure: a Moldorm, a Gigabari, an Arrghus, and another Lorule Ball and Chain Soldier. With the defeat of each of these enemies, their image on the large doors will light up. The doors will open once all four enemies are defeated, leading to Princess Hilda's private office and the Throne Room of the Castle.


The Compass is found in a Chest on the fourth floor of the central chamber. The main item of the Dungeon, the Red Mail, is found on a hidden ledge just to the south of the Compass. Link must put out all of the Torches on this floor to reveal two narrow pathways that he can walk across to reach the ledge. If Link has not yet acquired the Blue Mail, it will be found here instead, with the Red Mail then appearing in the Swamp Palace (A Link Between Worlds).

Minor Enemies and Traps


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ロウラル城  (Rouraru-jō)
French-speaking countries French Château de Lorule Lorule Castle
Federal Republic of Germany German Schloss Lorule Lorule Castle
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Castillo de Lorule Lorule Castle


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