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Lone Peak Shrine

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Lone Peak Shrine
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The Lone Peak Shrine is a location in Majora's Mask.[1]

Features and Overview

The Lone Peak Shrine is located across an abyss in Goron Village. In order to reach the entrance, Link must follow Kaepora Gaebora as it drops feathers on invisible platforms leading to it. The Lens of Truth can be found in the Lone Peak Shrine inside a Treasure Chest. Two other Chests can also be found hidden behind Boulders that can be destroyed with Bombs. One of the Chests contains a Purple Rupee, while an invisible Chest guarded by an invisible Skulltula contains a Red Rupee.

Once spring arrives to the Goron Village, the floating platforms leading to the Lone Peak Shrine will become visible.

Minor Enemies


  1. "Lone Peak Shrine ahead. Watch your step! It's a long way down!" — Sign (Majora's Mask)