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Link's House

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Link's House
BotW Link's House Renovated Exterior.png
The exterior of Link's House from Breath of the Wild
Main Appearance(s)
Other Appearance(s)
Link's Uncle (ALttP)
Aryll (TWW)
Link's Grandma (TWW)
Smith (TMC)
Niko (ST)
Ravio (ALBW)

Link's House,(TMC | BotW)[1][2] also known as Link's Cottage,(ALttP)[citation needed] is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series. It is Link's place of residence in several games in the series. It is usually located somewhere within the kingdom of Hyrule.

Features and Overview

A Link to the Past

Link's Cottage is located in a somewhat central location of Hyrule, with Hyrule Castle nearby in the north in A Link to the Past. It is a simple building, containing basic, wooden furniture, and is home to both Link and his uncle. Next to Link's bed, which is situated in the house's northwest corner, are three Pots that each contain a recovery Heart. A Treasure Chest located in the southeast corner of the house contains the Lantern, which will likely be the first item that Link collects in his quest. However, if the Treasure Chest is opened after already receiving the Lantern elsewhere, it will instead contain a Blue Rupee.

At the beginning of the game, Link receives a telepathic plea for help in his sleep from Princess Zelda, who mentions that she has been locked in the dungeon of Hyrule Castle by Agahnim.[3] He wakes up in time to see his uncle about to leave the house, armed with a Sword and Shield. Upon seeing that Link is awake, Link's uncle promises that he will be back by morning and tells Link not to leave the house.[4] Link, however, disobeys his uncle's orders and leaves to investigate the castle. Later, during the game's end credits, Link is shown to be practicing sword fighting with his uncle outside of their home.

Link's Cottage is one of the locations that he can choose to start in when continuing the game, provided that Link is in Hyrule and not the Dark World. Later, after obtaining the Flute, it also becomes one of the locations that Link can be transported to by the Flute Boy's Bird.

In the Dark World, the Bomb Shop corresponds to where Link's Cottage would be located.

Ocarina of Time

Link's tree house from Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of Time begins with Link being woken up inside his house from a nightmare involving Princess Zelda by Navi the Fairy, on the orders of the Great Deku Tree. Here at Link's House in the Kokiri Forest is where the two companions first meet, although Navi's first insistence is that Link leaves the house to visit the Deku Tree with haste. The house is more or less irrelevant in the game after a point, although an interesting feature that keeps its use alive is a scoreboard within the room, with which Link can inspect his achievements in various mini-games throughout Hyrule.

When loading a saved game, young Link will begin in his home if the game was saved while he was not in a dungeon. Link can obtain a Cow that stays in his house after beating Malon's record of the obstacle course at Lon Lon Ranch as an adult.[5]

In Ocarina of Time 3D, Link has the option to sleep in his bed in the house. By doing this he can either recover his health, or access the Boss Challenge Mode, where he can refight any boss which he has defeated in his quest. A Sheikah Stone can also be found just outside his house.

The Wind Waker

Link's House on Outset Island from The Wind Waker

In The Wind Waker, Link and his younger sister, Aryll, live with their grandmother in a house on Outset Island. The house becomes fundamental to more elements of the game's plot than most other games in the series, with Link having to return on various occasions to find a Shield and to release a Bottled Fairy onto his ailing grandmother,[6][7] resulting in her infinite offerings of free, revitalizing Elixir Soup.[8] A crawl space can also be found under the house, containing a Chest with an Orange Rupee.

Later in the game, Link also receives the Deed from Mrs. Marie to the Cabana on the Private Oasis, thereby making it his.[9] There he gains access to a labyrinth beneath the island, which houses a Triforce Chart. Link can also play a Sliding Puzzle and earn Rupees as a reward in the Cabana.

The Minish Cap

In The Minish Cap, Link lives with his grandfather, Smith, Hyrule's famed swordsmith. The two-storied home doubles as a smith's forge in addition to being a residence. It has a similar appearance to its A Link to the Past incarnation. It rests on a plateau in South Hyrule Field. Princess Zelda seems familiar with this home, as she is Link's childhood friend and visits early into the story to awaken Link for the Picori Festival. Later in Link's journey, he has the option to stay here for the night to recover lost Hearts, as well as fuse Kinstone Pieces with Smith, who can always be found at home smelting.

Twilight Princess

In Twilight Princess, Link lives in a tree house in Ordon Village that has a similar appearance to Link's house in Ocarina of Time. It contains a basement and a few platforms with ladders, and at the top there is a window which Link can look through. A pot of boiling soup can be found over a burning fire that is kept lit throughout the game. There is also a green flag with a triangular symbol, similar to the Triforce, above the house's door. The basement contains a Treasure Chest with 50 Rupees in it, though the room is so dark that it may require the Lantern to find it. Also in the basement is a large mirror which Link can see his reflection in. Near the beginning of the game, Rusl will deliver the Wooden Sword to Link's House.

Spirit Tracks

Link's House from Spirit Tracks

In Spirit Tracks, Link and Niko's House lies in Aboda Village, a small town on the southern coast of Hyrule. Link shares his house with Niko, an old friend of the Hero of Winds. In the beginning of the game, Niko tells the events of the Spirit War, and how he along with Tetra, the Hero of Winds, and the other pirates, saved the land from certain demise. The house contains many objects that reference The Wind Waker and Phantom Hourglass, including the Telescope, a framed picture of Niko when he was younger, a model of Tetra's Ship, and model Ship Parts.

A Link Between Worlds

Link's House from A Link Between Worlds

In A Link Between Worlds, Link's House appears in the same location it was in A Link to the Past.[10] However, it is much smaller and Link is the only person to live there at first. Ravio moves in shortly after Link's failed confrontation with Yuga, and later sets up a rental shop within the home.[11] Link can return here at any time to rent items from Ravio. Eventually, Ravio allows Link to purchase the items he has for rent.[12]

Lorule's equivalent of Link's House is the Vacant House, inside which Link finds a Treasure Chest containing an empty Bottle. The Vacant House is implied to be Ravio's, given the presence of his journal there when the game is played in Hero Mode.

Breath of the Wild

The exterior of Link's House in Breath of the Wild

In Breath of the Wild, Link can discover a house that is currently in the process of being demolished by the Bolson Construction Company in Hateno Village. If the boss, Bolson, is spoken to, he will offer to let Link buy the house for 3000 Rupees, plus 30 bundles of Wood. This intiates the Hylian Homeowner sidequest. The building comes with a Weapon Rack that Bolson gives Link as a housewarming gift. After the house is purchased, Link can buy additions such as a door, a bed, additional lighting, and Bow, Shield, or Weapon Racks, as well as having Bolson decorate the exterior.

Upon completing the Main Quest EX The Champions' Ballad from The Champions' Ballad DLC Pack, Link obtains a Picture of the Champions. Link can hang the Picture up in his House upstairs on the wall near his bed.

Other Appearances

Cadence of Hyrule

Link's House is a location in Cadence of Hyrule.[13] If the player chooses Link for their save file, Link's adventure will begin here.[14]


  • In the Japanese version of The Wind Waker, a Piece of Heart can be found inside the chest below Link's House, replacing the Orange Rupee.[15]
  • Majora's Mask, or possibly a replica of it, hangs on the wall of Link's House in A Link Between Worlds. Though it serves no purpose in the story or regular gameplay, Link can merge into the wall behind the mask to make it appear as though he is wearing it. The mask was placed in the game as a hint of the Nintendo 3DS remake of Majora's Mask.[16]


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland EnglishUK Link's House (OoT3D)
Japan Japanese 自分の家 (Jibun no Ie) (ALttP)
リンクのおうち (Rinku no Ōchi) (OoT)
My House
Link's Home
People's Republic of China ChineseSI 林克的家 (Línkè de Jiā) (OoT3D) Same as English.
Republic of China, Hong Kong and Macao ChineseTR 林克的家 (Línkè de Jiā) (OoT3D) Same as English.
French-speaking countries French Maison de Link Link's Hut
Canada FrenchCA Chez Link (ALBW)
French Republic FrenchEU Chez Link (OoT3D)
Federal Republic of Germany German Links Haus Same as English.
Italian Republic Italian Casa di Link (OoT3D) Same as English.
Republic of Korea Korean 링크의 집 (Lingkeu-ui Jib) (OoT3D) Same as English.
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Casa de Link (OoT3D) Same as English.



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