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Link's Crossbow Training Translations/Locations

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The following is a list of locations and Stages appearing in Link's Crossbow Training in every release of the game. Link's Crossbow Training has been released in the following languages: English, Japanese, French, and Spanish.


Latin America
LCT Arbiter's Grounds.png
Arbiter's Grounds
LCT Bridge of Eldin.png
Bridge of Eldin
LCT City in the Sky.png
City in the Sky
LCT Death Mountain.png
Death Mountain
LCT Faron Woods.png
Faron Woods
LCT Gerudo Desert.png
Gerudo Desert
LCT Hidden Village.png
Hidden Village
LCT Hyrule Castle.png
Hyrule Castle
LCT Hyrule Field.png
Hyrule Field
LCT Kakariko Village.png
Kakariko Village
LCT Ordon Ranch.png
Ordon Ranch
LCT Ordon Village.png
Ordon Village
LCT Sacred Grove.png
Sacred Grove
LCT Snowpeak.png
LCT Snowpeak Ruins.png
Snowpeak Ruins
LCT Temple of Time.png
Temple of Time
LCT Zora's River.png
Zora's River

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Latin America
LCT Arbiter's Grounds: Ranger Sprite.png
Arbiter's Grounds: Ranger
LCT Bridge of Eldin: Defender Sprite.png
Bridge of Eldin: Defender
LCT City in the Sky: Defender Sprite.png
City in the Sky: Defender
LCT Darknut Battle Sprite.png
Darknut Battle
LCT Fossil Stallord Battle Sprite.png
Fossil Stallord Battle
LCT Fruit Balloons Sprite.png
Fruit Balloons
LCT Gerudo Moldorm: Defender Sprite.png
Gerudo Moldorm: Defender
LCT Gerudo Stalfos: Defender Sprite.png
Gerudo Stalfos: Defender
LCT Goron Target Practice Sprite.png
Goron Target Practice
LCT Horseback Target Practice Sprite.png
Horseback Target Practice
LCT Hyrule Castle: Defender Sprite.png
Hyrule Castle: Defender
LCT Kakariko Target Practice Sprite.png
Kakariko Target Practice
LCT Level 1 Sprite.png
Level 1
LCT Level 2 Sprite.png
Level 2
LCT Level 3 Sprite.png
Level 3
LCT Level 4 Sprite.png
Level 4
LCT Level 5 Sprite.png
Level 5
LCT Level 6 Sprite.png
Level 6
LCT Level 7 Sprite.png
Level 7
LCT Level 8 Sprite.png
Level 8
LCT Oocca Target Practice Sprite.png
Oocca Target Practice
LCT Ordon Target Practice Sprite.png
Ordon Target Practice
LCT Ordon Target Practice 2 Sprite.png
Ordon Target Practice 2
LCT Ranch Target Practice Sprite.png
Ranch Target Practice
LCT Sacred Grove: Defender Sprite.png
Sacred Grove: Defender
LCT Skull Shooting Sprite.png
Skull Shooting
LCT Skulltula Forest: Ranger Sprite.png
Skulltula Forest: Ranger
LCT Snowpeak Ruins: Defender Sprite.png
Snowpeak Ruins: Defender
LCT Snowpeak Ruins: Ranger Sprite.png
Snowpeak Ruins: Ranger
LCT Temple of Time: Ranger Sprite.png
Temple of Time: Ranger
LCT The Great Bridge: Defender Sprite.png
The Great Bridge: Defender
LCT The Shootout Sprite.png
The Shootout
LCT Underground Target Practice Sprite.png
Underground Target Practice
LCT Zora River: Defender Sprite.png
Zora River: Defender
LCT Zora River Target Practice Sprite.png
Zora River Target Practice

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