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Link's Awakening Translations/Characters

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The following page is a list of the names of characters appearing in Link's Awakening in Japanese, English and German.

  • Empty cells indicate there is no given name for the particular individual in that language.
  • Many names in the German version are grammatically incorrect.


Main Characters

Image Japanese English German
LADX Link Sprite.png
リンク (Rinku) Link Link
LADX Marin Sprite.png
マリン (Marin) Marin Marin
LADX Tarin Sprite.png
タリン (Tarin) Tarin Tarin
LADX Owl Sprite.png
フクロウ (Fukurō) Owl Eule;
Der alte Uhu
LADX Wind Fish Sprite.png
かぜのさかな (Kaze no Sakana) Wind Fish Windfisch

Secondary Characters

Image Japanese English German
LADX Grandpa Ulrira Sprite.png
うるりらじいさん (Ururira Jīsan) Grandpa Ulrira Ulrira
LADX Grandma Ulrira Sprite.png
ヤッホーばあさん (Yahhō Bāsan) Grandma Ulrira
LADX Crazy Tracy Sprite.png
気まぐれトレーシー (Kimagure Torēshī) Crazy Tracy Geierwally
LADX Madam MeowMeow Sprite.png
マダムニャンニャン (Madamu Nyannyan) Madam MeowMeow Madame MiouMiou
LADX BowWow Sprite.png
ワンワン (Wanwan) BowWow Struppi
LADX YipYip Sprite.png
キャンキャン (Kyankyan)
LADX Quadruplets' Mother Sprite.png
4つ子の母親 (Yottsu-ko no Haha-oya) Mutter der Vierlinge
LADX Papahl Sprite 2.png
パパール (Papāru) Papahl Papahl
LADX Sale Sprite.png
セール (Sēru) Sale Bananenhändler Erwin
LADX Raccoon Sprite.png
いたずらタヌキ (Itazura Tanuki) Raccoon Waschbär
LADX Syrup Sprite.png
魔法の粉をつくるおばあさん (Mahō no Kona o Tsukuru Obāsan) Witch Hexe
LADX Mr. Write Sprite.png
Dr. ライト (Dr. Raito) Mr. Write Dr. Wright
LADX Richard Sprite.png
リチャード (Richādo) Prince Richard Richard
LADX Kiki Sprite.png
サルキッキ (Sarukikki) Kiki the Monkey Kiki der Affe
LADX Walrus Sprite 2.png
セイウチ (Seiuchi) Walrus Walroß
LADX Chef Bear Sprite.png
クマ (Kuma) Chef Bear
LADX Schule Donavitch Sprite.png
シュール・ドナピッチ (Shūru Donapitchi) Schule Donavitch Kroko Dilius
LADX Rabbit Sprite.png
ウサギ (Usagi) Rabbit
LADX Christine Sprite.png
ヤギ(クリスティーヌ) (Yagi (Kurisutīnu)) Miss Goat (Christine) Christine
LADX Manbo Sprite.png
マンボためごろう (Manbo Tamegorou) Manbo Manbo, Kind des Sonnenfischs
LADX Ghost Sprite.png
おばけ (Obake) Ghost
LADX Fisherman Sprite.gif
釣り人 (Tsurihito) Angler Angler
LADX Martha Sprite.png
人魚 (Ningyo) Martha Nixe
LADX Raft Shop Keeper Sprite.png
イカダ屋のおじさん (Ikada-ya no Ojisan) Raft Shop Man Floßverleiher
LADX Mamu Sprite.png
マムー (Mamū) Mamu Wart
LADX Flying Rooster Sprite 2.png
そらとぶコッコ (Sora Tobu Kokko) Flying Rooster Fliegender Gockel
LADX Cucco Keeper Sprite.png
ニワトリ小屋のおじさん (Niwatori Koya no Ojisan) Hen House Man
Spirit of the Mansion Hausgeist
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