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Lightscale Trident

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Lightscale Trident
BotW Lightscale Trident Model.png

The Lightscale Trident is an item in Breath of the Wild.

Location and Uses

Hyrule Compendium Entry

293 (298) Lightscale Trident
BotW Hyrule Compendium Lightscale Trident.png
A spear of peerless grace cherished by the Zora Champion Mipha. Although Mipha specialized in healing abilities, her spearmanship was in a class all its own.
Common Locations
Lanayru Great Spring
Atk 22
BotW Lightscale Trident Icon.png

The Lightscale Trident was wielded by the Zora Champion Mipha. The Zora Princess can be seen bearing it in the EX Recovered Memory, "Champion Mipha's Song". When Mipha was defeated by Waterblight Ganon inside Divine Beast Vah Ruta, the Lightscale Trident was kept in Zora's Domain. Once Link has appeased the Divine Beast, King Dorephan implores the hero to take the Lightscale Trident from a nearby Treasure Chest as a token of their friendship.[1]

If the Lightscale Trident breaks, Dento will remake it with one Zora Spear, one Diamond, and five pieces of Flint without charge.[2]

There is a spear modeled after the Lightscale Trident called the Ceremonial Trident that was used in the Zora's Champion Festival. Although the two appear identical in appearance, the strength and durability of the Ceremonial Trident is inferior to the Lightscale.[3]

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
French Republic FrenchEU Lance d'écailles radieuse
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Tridente de escamas


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