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Level 8 (Ancient Stone Tablets)

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Level 8
AST Level 8 Entrance.png
The entrance room of Level 8
Location(s) Northern Hyrule
Game(s) Ancient Stone Tablets
Main Item Mirror Shield
Ice Rod
Boss(es) Trinexx
Quest Reward(s)Stone Tablet

Level 8 is the final dungeon in Ancient Stone Tablets.

Entrance to the Dungeon

Level 8 is located in a cave northwest of the Sanctuary, where the path to Death Mountain is located in A Link to the Past. In order to access it, the Hero of Light must lift a dark rock by using the Titan's Mitt.

Themes and Navigation

Level 8 makes use of most of the items gathered throughout the game. The Mirror Shield, one of the dungeon's items, can be used to reflect the attacks of Wizzrobes and Laser Eyes. Many walls can be blown with Bombs, revealing hidden rooms filled with Treasure Chests containing Rupees. A Thief can also be found selling an Arrow upgrade for 200 Rupees. Trinexx, the dungeon's boss, can only be damaged by using the Ice Rod, found inside the dungeon, and the Fire Rod. Once defeated, it drops a Heart Container, followed by a Stone Tablet.

Minor Enemies and Traps