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Level-3 (BS The Legend of Zelda)

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Location(s) Hyrule
Game(s) BS The Legend of Zelda
Main Item Raft
Magical Boomerang
Mini-boss(es) Red Darknuts
Blue Goriyas
Boss(es) Manhandla
Quest Reward(s)Triforce Fragment
Heart Container

Level-3 is the third Dungeon in BS The Legend of Zelda.


The entrance to the Dungeon is located near the Old Man that instructs the player on how to traverse the Lost Woods. It is accessed by using the Candle to burn a bush.[which?]

Themes and Navigation

A group of Red Darknuts guard the Raft, while a group of Blue Goriyas guard the Magical Boomerang. The boss of the dungeon is Manhandla.

The layout of the Dungeon forms a "G", following the Dungeon pattern that spells out "St. GIGA".


Minor Enemies and Traps