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Level 8

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This article is about the Dungeon in The Legend of Zelda. For other uses, see Level 8 (Disambiguation).''
Level 8
TLoZ Level-8 Entrance.png
The entrance to the Labyrinth in the First Quest
Location(s) Hyrule
Game(s) The Legend of Zelda
Main Item Magical KeyTriforce piece.png
Book of MagicTriforce piece.png
Magic Rod
Bomb capacity UpgradeTriforce piece.png
Boss(es) GleeokTriforce piece.png
Dodongos Γ—3Triforce piece.png
Quest Reward(s)Triforce Fragment
Heart Container

Level 8,[1] also stylized as Level-8,[citation needed] and known as Lion,[1] is the eighth Labyrinth in The Legend of Zelda.


In the First Quest, the Labyrinth is located under a lone bush that blocks Link's path in the forest to the southeast. Link must burn the bush with Fire to reveal the staircase that leads inside.

In the Second Quest, the Labyrinth is located west of the desert, accessible only by Bombing a part of the northern wall and then crossing the river with the Stepladder.

Themes and Navigation

First Quest

This is the first of two Labyrinths that are colored white. Level-8 is populated by Darknuts. Like in Level-1, two main items can be obtained here. One of the Items is the Book of Magic, which gives the Magic Rod the additional property of creating Fire after being shot. The other Item is the Magical Key, which is a master key that can open an infinite amount of locked doors. Link will no longer need to collect Keys after obtaining it. Interestingly, the labyrinth is relatively close to Level-2, but there are no clues on where it actually is, so it is up to Link to discover it. The Boss is a four-headed Gleeok, which protects the final Triforce Fragment.

Second Quest

In the Second Quest, this Labyrinth structurally resembles a vortex similar to the spiral from the Second Quest's Level-7. However, it is larger and positioned differently. Like the First Quest's Level-7, this Labyrinth is colored green. The main items of the Labyrinth are the Magic Rod, which gives a use to the Book of Magic found in Level-4, and the Magical Key. There is an Old Man in the Labyrinth who will increase Link's Bomb capacity for 100 Rupees, allowing Link to carry four more Bombs. The Labyrinth also contains a hungry Goriya who will not allow Link to pass through to the next room until he is given Food. Many Dodongos appear throughout the Labyrinth and the Boss that guards the final Triforce Fragment is a group of three Dodongos.

Minor Enemies and Traps

First Quest

Second Quest


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ラむγ‚ͺン (Raion) Lion



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