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Level-8 (BS The Legend of Zelda)

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Location(s) Spectacle Rock
Game(s) BS The Legend of Zelda
Main Item Book of Magic
Silver Arrow
Mini-boss(es) Dodongo
Boss(es) Gohmas
Quest Reward(s)Triforce Fragment
Heart Container

Level-8 is the final Dungeon in BS The Legend of Zelda.


The Dungeon entrance is revealed by Bombing the left rock of Spectacle Rock.

Themes and Navigation

The Dungeon's layout is that of an arrow pointing downward. It contains three mini-bosses: a Dodongo, Patra and Aquamentus. The Book of Magic and the Silver Arrows are located within the Dungeon. Two blue Gohmas serve as the final Boss, guarding the final piece of the Triforce of Wisdom and a Heart Container.


Minor Enemies and Traps