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Level 5

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This article is about the dungeon in The Legend of Zelda, for other uses, see Level 5 (Disambiguation).
Level 5
TLoZ Level-5 Entrance.png
The entrance of the labyrinth in the First Quest
Location(s) Lost HillsTriforce piece.png
Game(s) The Legend of Zelda
Main Item Recorder
Bomb UpgradeTriforce piece.png
BowTriforce piece.png
Mini-boss(es) DodongosTriforce piece.png
ManhandlaTriforce piece.png
Boss(es) DigdoggerTriforce piece.png
GleeokTriforce piece.png
Quest Reward(s)Triforce Fragment
Heart Container

Level 5,[1] also stylized as Level-5,[citation needed] and known as Lizard,[1] is the fifth Labyrinth in The Legend of Zelda.


In the First Quest, the Labyrinth's entrance is located atop the Lost Hills. Link must climb up four consecutive times to reach the Labyrinth.

In the Second Quest, the Labyrinth's entrance is located within the lake area of central Hyrule. The Raft, which is obtained in Level-4, is required to reach this Labyrinth's entrance. This Labyrinth's location in the Second Quest is the same as the location as Level-4 in the First Quest.

Themes and Navigation

First Quest

Similar to Level-2 and Level-7, the Labyrinth is primarily colored green. Inside the Labyrinth, Link will be introduced to the mummy-like enemy known as Gibdos. He will need the Stepladder to cross the pits of lava. The main item of the Labyrinth is the Recorder, which can be used to warp between Labyrinth entrances in the Overworld and unveil hidden places. It is also used to weaken this Labyrinth's Boss, Digdogger, allowing Link to defeat it. After defeating Digdogger, Link will receive a Heart Container and obtain a Triforce Fragment in the next room. A hidden room within this Labyrinth houses a Bomb capacity upgrade. The Old Man there will offer the ability to hold four more Bombs for 100 Rupees.

Second Quest

In the Second Quest, the Labyrinth's walls and floor are yellow, similar to the First Quest's Level-6. Like Level-6, it also contains many Wizzrobes. The main item of the Labyrinth is the Bow. The Boss is a three-headed Gleeok.

The most notable difference in Second Quest is the shape of this Labyrinth, changing from a lizard to the shape of the letter "Z." The Maps of the first five Labyrinths in the Second Quest each symbolize a letter, spelling out an anagram for "ZELDA."

Minor Enemies and Traps

First Quest

Second Quest


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese リザード (Rizādo) Lizard



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