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Letter Sorting

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Letter Sorting
TWW Letter Sorting.png
Location(s)Dragon Roost Island
Game(s)The Wind Waker
Main PrizePiece of Heart

The Letter Sorting game appears in The Wind Waker, and can be found inside Dragon Roost Island on the second floor at the Island Postal Service.

The game involves Link sorting out letters and placing them into the correct delivery box. Each letter has a logo or symbol on it and must be matched with the correct symbol inside the box or it will fall out. First time round Link must achieve 25 points to be awarded the Mothers Letter by Baito. When posted Link will receive 20 Rupees. When this is done for the second time Link will receive a second letter that will award him a Piece of Heart.



  • This is the only minigame on Dragon Roost Island.
  • It is one of few minigames that are free to play.