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Lenzo's Research Assistant

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TWW Lenzo.png

Lenzo's Research Assistant is a sidequest in The Wind Waker, and the precursor to the Nintendo Gallery sidequest (also found in this game). It starts in Windfall Island: When Link finds Lenzo in his house for the first time, he doesn't show any trust in him, since his Picto Box was stolen by a thief who had escaped the jail previously; but when Link retrieves it, Lenzo not only thanks him, but also lets him keep the camera and, additionally, shows him his repertoire of pictographs. In a later encounter, Lenzo has Link complete certain objectives. This sidequest ultimately leads to the Deluxe Picto Box, but it's a long procedure.






Event Procedure

Exercise One – A Love Letter

TWW Garrickson Figurine Model.png

The first task revolves around a man who sends love letters to an unknown person, only to find that none of his feelings are reciprocated. Link stakes out the Mail Box, remains out of sight, and waits for Garrickson, the man in red coveralls, to deliver his love letter. He then takes the pictograph and brings it to Lenzo for the next challenge.

Exercise Two – The Face of Fear

TWW Gossack Figurine Model.png

The second task revolves around a man who fails to face his own fears. Link must scare Gossack, the man sitting at the table at the Cafe Bar who is afraid of earthquakes, by hitting a wall with a rolling attack or knocking dishes off of the table, and snap a picture while the man is trembling. He then brings it to Lenzo for the next challenge.

Exercise Three – The Secret Couple

TWW Anton Figurine Model.png
TWW Linda Figurine Model.png

The third and final task revolves about a gentleman and a lady: Both are in love with each other, yet are unaware that their feelings are requited. Link waits for Anton, the man strolling through town, to look at Linda as he's passing by, the woman in the orange dress near the school. He snaps a picture showing them together and brings the picture to Lenzo. The reward from Lenzo is 20 Rupees, but if Link chooses to help the couple further, they will reward him with a Piece of Heart.

Final Ingredient

Deluxe Picto Box.png

Lenzo's last task for Link is to bring him a firefly from Forest Haven. The luminiscent insect can be found a few meters away from Hollo's Forest Potion Shop, but the young hero will need an empty Bottle to take it with him.

In The Wind Waker HD, Lenzo does not need the Forest Firefly to create the Deluxe Picto Box, and will accept Link as his apprentice after the third exercise. He will not mention anything about the Forest Firefly, but will accept the Firefly if Link shows him one, giving him a Joy Pendant in return.


The reward for all of this trouble is the Deluxe Pictobox, capable of taking Color Pictures, unlocking the Color Pictography Quests and the Nintendo Gallery sidequests. Additionally, after Link clears the Forsaken Fortress, he can purchase Legendary Pictographs from Lenzo, so that they can be turned into figurines, as part of the Gallery completion.