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Legend of Zora

Legend of Zora
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The Legend of Zora is a piece of Zoran folklore mentioned in Ocarina of Time.[1]


The Legend of Zora was likely passed down in the Zora tribe orally or in written form. According to this legend, those who offer a fish to the patron deity of the Zoras, Lord Jabu-Jabu,[2] will become happy.[1] The Zora who mentions this legend only does so if Link answers that he has been to see Jabu-Jabu when asked.[3] If Link answers no, the Zora merely says that he should go see him.[4]

The fact that the legend is referred to as the "Legend of Zora," in quotes, and is slightly grammatically awkward, may be a deliberate reference to the name of the video game series itself, The Legend of Zelda . This is, incidentally, one of the only concrete hints in the game that the player should offer a fish to Jabu-Jabu to progress in the adventure.


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