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Lantern Poe

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Lantern Poe
TFH Lantern Poe.png
Habitat(s)Palace Noir

Lantern Poe is an enemy in Tri Force Heroes.[1]


A single Lantern Poe appears in the first Stage of Palace Noir. It is a yellow Poe that flies around the room carrying a Lantern. It cannot be harmed directly by the Links, and the only means of defeating it is to light all the Torches in the room.[2] Once it is defeated, the Triforce Gateway to the next stage will open.



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  2. "You can't actually damage a Lantern Poe directly. They'll light the area around them in dark rooms. The way to defeat them is by lighting all the torches in the room they are in." (Tri Force Heroes Official Game Guide (Prima Games), pg. 18)