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Lanayru Shipyard

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Lanayru Shipyard
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Lanayru Shipyard is a location in Skyward Sword.[1] It is located in the Lanayru Sand Sea.


The Lanayru Shipyard was once a sea town inhabited by the workers who built the ships inside the construction bay.[2] Link and Skipper visit the Shipyard after Skipper's Retreat in their search for Skipper's lost ship, which was among those constructed there.[3] Each of the areas on the island are connected to each other via a complex series of mine-cart tracks.[4] The door leading to the construction bay where Skipper thinks his clues leading to his ship may be is closed,[5] forcing Link to ride mine-carts on the tracks around the Shipyard to access the back door.[6]

When Link arrives in the construction bay, he uses his Gust Bellows to search the massive sand deposit.[7] Rather than find clues pertaining to the location of the ship, he mistakenly awakens a buried Moldarach, which had moved in and built a nest in the many years that the factory went unused.[8]

After returning to Skipper through the door that was previously locked, they sail on towards the Pirate Stronghold.

Rickety Coaster

Main article: Rickety Coaster

The Rickety Coaster is a mine-cart mini-game run by the Goron named Gortram on the tracks sprawling around the construction bay. The mini-game comes in two difficulties: "Scary" and "Heart Stopping!". If he completes the "Heart Stopping!" track in less than the time of 1.05.00, Link will be rewarded with a Piece of Heart. The mini-game is operable after the Sandship is returned to Skipper.

Minor Enemies and Traps


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 造船所 (Zousenjo) Shipyard
French-speaking countries French Chantier Naval
Federal Republic of Germany German Schiffswerft
Italian Republic Italian Cantiere Navale
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Astillero Shipyard



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