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Kish is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Kish is the owner of the Woodland Stable, where he receives incoming guests and registers Horses.[2] When Link first meets him, Kish offers to teach Link about the Stable network across Hyrule which boards and registers Wild Horses to travelers, officially making them companions to the person who registers them.[3] He also offers to teach Link how to catch Wild Horses, should he not know how.[4]

Kish will also direct any travelers seeking a rest inside of the Woodland Stable, where they can stay.[5] If Link asks to register a Horse, Kish will charge Link 20 Rupees to support the Stable conservation efforts and to cover the cost of a Saddle and Bridle for the new Horse companion.[6] Upon paying the fee, Kish will allow Link to name his Horse.[7] After registration, Kish will ask Link whether he would take the Horse with him, or if he would like to board it inside the Stable.[8] As parting words, Kish will teach Link about Whistling to attract his Horse, noting that Horses have a limited range of hearing.[9]


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