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King Zora's Throne Room

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King Zora's Throne Room
King Zora's Throne Room from Ocarina of Time
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King Zora's Throne Room,[1] also known as King Zora's Chamber,[2] is a location in Ocarina of Time.

Features and Overview

King Zora's Throne Room is located in Zora's Domain. It is where King Zora sits, protecting the entrance to Zora's Fountain and Lord Jabu-Jabu.[3][4] Any visitors to Zora's Domain seeking counsel with King Zora must visit the raised platform at the center of the Throne Room to speak with him. In pursuit of the Zora's Sapphire, Ganondorf visited King Zora's Throne Room and made his way to Lord Jabu-Jabu in order to infect the Zora deity with a deadly parasite.[5] After Link rescues Princess Ruto from Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly and kills the parasite, Barinade, Princess Ruto will take her place beside her father in the Throne Room.

In the Adult Era, Ganondorf caused the waters of Zora's Domain to freeze over, consequently trapping King Zora in a formation of Red Ice inside his Throne Room. If Link defrosts him, he will offer Link a Zora Tunic as thanks.[6] If Link already has a Zora Tunic, King Zora will off him a kiss instead.[7]

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