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King's Lackeys

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King's Lackeys
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The King's Lackeys,[2] also known as Igos du Ikana's Lackeys,[3] are minibosses in Majora's Mask.


Tatl's Comment

What?! You don't know?

King's Lackeys

Use Z Targeting methods while defending... The "Unthinkable?" What could that possibly be in a place as dark as this?

The King's Lackeys fighting style is very similar to that of the Stalfos from Ocarina of Time. To defeat them, Link must burn the drapes that block the windows with Fire Arrows, letting the light in. He must cripple them with basic Sword techniques and then reflect a beam of light on them with the Mirror Shield when they are lying on the floor in order to destroy their bodies. The Bremen Mask is capable of causing them to march, leaving them open to an attack. Defeating them leads to a fight with the King himself.

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