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Kili is a character in Twilight Princess.[2]

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Kili from Twilight Princess
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Kili, alongside Hannah and Misha, stand outside of the STAR Game tent in Castle Town. Although initially enamoured with Purlo, if Link beats the STAR Game, the girls will transfer their affections to him, becoming his fans and will follow him around whenever he gets close. The three of them will watch Link's performance during STAR Games and if spoken to, will debate which of them is his biggest fan. If he comes up and surprises them in the street, the trio will cheer,[3][4][5] create three Hearts, then run away into the throng of Castle Town.[6]


  • Kili's outfit, along with those of Hannah and Misha, are likely a reference to the three Golden Goddesses. Kili is reminiscent of Nayru.


The beginning of Kili's name, Ki, means "joy and "rejoice" in Japanese.[7] It is the Japanese kan'on reading of Chinese character of Xi, meaning "love" or "like".[8] The last section of her name, Li, means "beautiful" in Chinese. [9]


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