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Key Bandit Poe

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Key Bandit Poe
TFH Key Bandit Poe.png
Habitat(s)Palace Noir

Key Bandit Poes are enemies in Tri Force Heroes.[1]


Key Bandit Poes only appear in the third Stage of Palace Noir. They fly around the maze-like room while carrying three Keys. These are required to open the three large doors to the Triforce Gateway. Key Bandit Poes without Keys will race after the ones who are carrying them, aiming to steal them for themselves. Unlike Prankster Poes, Key Bandit Poes can be defeated in one hit, but will quickly respawn. A Key Bandit Poe will drop its Key after being attacked, however, once its Key is dropped, more will quickly gather and attempt to take it. They will also actively chase after the Link carrying the Key to steal it back. Once all the Keys are used to unlock the doors, the Key Bandit Poes will cease their pursuit and float aimlessly in defeat.


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  1. "Key Bandit Poes love keys. In fact, they will do everything in their power to get their hands on their beloved key whenever they lose them." (Tri Force Heroes Official Game Guide (Prima Games), pg. 18)