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ST BridgeWorker.png
Bridge Worker[1]
Race Human
Gender Male[2]
Era Era of Hyrule's Rebirth
Family Gazpacho (implied ancestor)

Kenzo is a character in Spirit Tracks.[3] He lives alone in an isolated abode within the Snow Realm. He is a bridge worker and, like many characters and objects in Spirit Tracks, Kenzo's services are not necessary until later, once Link meets with Linebeck III, at the Trading Post.


Trading Post Assistance

At the Trading Post, the Spirit Tracks that once smoothly ferried passing trains past this station had fallen under dilapidation, and are in need of immediate repair if Link is to continue his adventure.[4] Linebeck III implies that Link find a bridge worker that can repair the tracks and get them both out of such a predicament.[5] Link locates Kenzo in the Snow Realm, who agrees to come down to the Trading Post with him on his Spirit Train, under the condition that Link obey the speed limits and signs scattered about the Spirit Tracks, and that he not only arrives safe and sound, but precisely at the station, as well. The bridge worker surveys the damage and agrees to take on the job, for a steep fee of 5000 Rupees, a price that includes this job and any other previous debt Linebeck has carried over from previous encounters with him.[6][7]

After locating the lost heirloom of Linebeck Senior at the rear of the Trading Post, Kenzo completes his work.[8] In payment, Kenzo takes Linebeck Senior's treasured Regal Ring (worth 8000 Rupees), without giving Linebeck III or Link the remaining 3000 Rupees in change they would have received if the payment was in Rupees alone. Although it is not necessary for any aspect of the future plot, the bridge worker will wait at the Trading Post until the time comes when Link is available to ferry him back to his home in the Snow Realm.[9]

Anouki Village Assistance

Some time later, the Anouki of Anouki Village require Kenzo to aid them in their present "neighborhood watch" mission, carried out by all the village's inhabitants, by erecting a wooden fence around the town's premises to keep so-called "monsters" out.[10] Kenzo is reluctant to go at first, but after realizing an expert craftsman will accept any job, no matter the size or the relevance, he submits.[11][12] After ferrying him to the small town from his abode within the Snow Realm, Kenzo immediately goes to work on the fence, with the 15 logs of Lumber Link also transported to the village via Spirit Train.[13][14] The Bridge Worker makes little work of the fence (as long as Link doesn't wait around at Anouki Village), and after its completion, Link receives a gratuitous Force Gem from one of the Anouki; the Force Gem reveals new Spirit Tracks in the Snow Realm that connect the main train track system of Hyrule to the otherwise inaccessible Snowdrift Station.


  • Interestingly, though Link ferried him a long ways to the Trading Post on his Spirit Train from the Snow Realm, the plot does not require for him to return to his residence.
  • Like all passengers that board the Spirit Train, Kenzo makes various, albeit humorous remarks at the end of the ride based on its smoothness and Link's ability as an engineer.[15]
  • Kenzo resembles Gazpacho from Phantom Hourglass, implying that he may be a descendant. This is further supported by the fact that he has a portrait of Gazpacho in his house.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ケンゾウ (Kenzō) Taken from 建造 (kenzō), meaning "construction"
Canada FrenchCA Latraverse
Federal Republic of Germany German Malleus From the Latin word for hammer
Italian Republic Italian Pontaldo
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Pontón Spanish name for Pontoon


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