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Keese Swarm

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Keese Swarm
BotW Keese Swarm.jpg
Habitat(s)The Swamp (FSA)
Lost Woods (FSA)
Effective Weapon(s)Bow
SpoilsKeese Eyeball
Keese Wing

Keese Swarms are recurring enemies in The Legend of Zelda series.[1] Keese Swarms go unnamed in Breath of the Wild.


Four Swords Adventures

Keese Swarms lay hidden in bushes in The Swamp and the Lost Woods in Four Swords Adventures. They consist of a single, large red Keese followed by a trail of purple, shadowy copies it leaves in its wake.[2] If the Links disturb its hiding spot, the Keese Swarm will rush out and begin circling them.[3] Trapped within the swarm, the only way to escape is by defeating the red Keese, which will try to keep a certain distance between itself and the Links. The heroes may assume the Long or Wide Formation, putting the outermost Link within reach of the Keese.[4] Once the Keese is defeated, the trail is destroyed along with it, leaving behind a ring of Green Force Gems, while the Keese itself will drop a Blue Force Gem.

Breath of the Wild

Keese Swarms are clusters of Keese which can be seen flying over large swaths of land. They patrol their territories in search of prey, including Hylians such as Link. When they have spotted prey, they will approach and attack all at once. Keese Swarms demonstrate cowardly tendencies and will flee if a single Keese in their colony is defeated or hit with the Stasis + Rune.


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