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TAoL Kasuto Sign.png

Kasuto is the name of two towns in The Adventure of Link, Old Kasuto and the Hidden Town of Kasuto.

Old Kasuto

The original town of Kasuto was attacked and destroyed by monstrous Moas, forcing its people to flee,[1] although one Old Man stayed behind.[2] Upon Link's first arrival to Old Kasuto, the Moas who have taken over the town are invisible to him, and only by possessing the Cross can the young hero see these flying creatures. The Old Man who is left here informs Link that the town is deserted, and that he must look in the woods to the east in order to find the new village of Kasuto.[3] Once Link has obtained all of the eight Magic Containers in the game, the Old Man of Old Kasuto will reward him with his most powerful magic yet, the Thunder magic. Link can also find a hint on the location of the Magical Key written on a wall in one of the empty houses.[4]

Hidden Town of Kasuto

The Hidden Town of Kasuto, also known as the New Kasuto, is found in the eastern woods of the area and is revealed upon hitting a patch of grass with the Hammer. One of the elderly women living here approaches Link and, if the young hero has three out of the four Magic Containers,[5] she will invite him inside her house to claim the fourth and last Container.[6] Once again, Link can find a hint written on a wall in one of the empty houses which reveals the location of a Heart Container near the shore of Three Eye Rock.[7]

On the second area of the town is a house with its door wide open. The chimney inside the house has an entrance to it, and entering it leads Link to an Old Man who teaches him the Spell.[8] Using this new-found spell at the edge of town causes a temple to rise from the ground which houses the Magical Key.[9]


Theory Warning
  • It is often noted that Kasuto is the only town name in The Adventure of Link that does not have a similarly named character in Ocarina of Time. This has led to speculation that another Sage or other important figure with that name was intended to appear in that game at one point.
  • If the theory that the Master Sword-Sages also existed in Ocarina of Time is correct, then maybe Kasuto would be the Hero of Time's era's Sage of Earth, as Fado (The Wind Waker), the Sage of Wind, was said to live in the Hero of Time's Era. However, this is not probable, as Laruto, the former Sage of Earth, was born in Zora's Domain before Hyrule was flooded.


  • The original Japanese text written on the wall in Old Kasuto reads: "マホウノ カギハ カストノ タカラ ト カイテアル" when read from top to bottom.
  • This town features one of the rare occasions where Link is shown speaking; the others being when Link finds the mirror in the Water Town of Saria, in The Wind Waker as he calls out to his companions, and Phantom Hourglass when calling out to Astrid and a young Goron on Goron Island. When trying to enter the chimney, Link says, "LOOKS LIKE I CAN GET IN THE FIREPLACE."[10]
  • Kasuto and Old Kasuto share certain similarities with Kakariko Village and the Hidden Village from Twilight Princess. In addition to the names' similarity between Kasuto and Kakariko Villages (first and last syllabes), Old Kasuto shares a connection with the Hidden Village, being an older version of a town that has been abandoned by all but a single resident.



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TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name
Old Kasuto Hidden Town of Kasuto
Japan Japanese カスト (Kasuto) ヒミツノマチカスト (Himitsu no Machi Kasuto)
French Republic FrenchEU Ville Cachée de Kasuto
Federal Republic of Germany German Alte Stadt Kasuto Verlorene Stadt Kasuto

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