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Karson is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Karson is an employee of Bolson Construction in East Necluda.[2] He can initially be found attempting to demolish Link's House in Hateno Village.[3] He tells Link that the former owner of the house left to serve at Hyrule Castle and never returned,[4] so he is carrying out the Village's collective decision to clear the land for development. If Link offers to buy the house, Karson will direct him to his boss, Bolson.[5]

Karson will admit to Link that he was hired by Bolson Construction thanks to his name ending in "-son," a requirement for all employees of the company.[6] This inadvertently provides a hint for the Side Quest "From the Ground Up", a Quest to build the population of Tarrey Town in Akkala.[7]

If Link offers to buy the house from Bolson, Karson will cease work on the house and sit underneath a tree nearby, awaiting Bolson's orders.[8] There, he will admit to Link that he finds his construction work to be hard and he idolizes Hudson's ability to work quickly.[9] He also expresses surprise at Link's initiative to purchase a house at his age.[10] Upon the complete purchase of the house, Karson will begin to renovate the house alongside Bolson for a fee of 100 Rupees per addition.


  • If Link speaks to Karson while not wearing a shirt, he will comment on Link's "free"-ness.[11]


The first half of Karson's name is a variation of the Scandinavian name Karr, which means "reluctant", "curly haired", and "obstinate". [12]

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