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Kakariko Windmill

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Kakariko Windmill
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The Kakariko Windmill is a location in Ocarina of Time.[1] It is located in Kakariko Village.


The windmill is one of the most prominent features of the village, as it is used to draw up water from the nearby well.[2] The windmill is composed of two floors; however, the upper level can only be reached from the outside, in which Link must use the Longshot to grapple to a small wooden post that is located in an opening on the left of the windmill. Once inside the opening, the young hero can go up the stairs to find a lone Cucco and get a good view of the entire village by looking through another opening near where the Cucco is found.

Right below the windmill is a door that leads to the windmill hut. It is home to the Windmill Man, a music enthusiast who is trying to come up with a musical theme inspired by the windmill.[3] After drawing the Master Sword from its pedestal, Link can go back to the windmill and speak with the Windmill Man, who recalls that seven years ago, a kid came to the windmill and played a strange melody, causing the windmill to speed up drastically.[4] If Link shows him the Ocarina of Time, Guru-Guru will teach him the Song of Storms, which, paradoxically, is the song Link played for him seven years earlier.[5] The young hero can then go back seven years and play that same melody inside the windmill, which will drain the Kakariko Well completely and allow entry to the Bottom of the Well in order to search for the Lens of Truth.

Inside the windmill hut is a Piece of Heart that can be reached after entering the hut through Dampé's Grave, or using the Boomerang. Upon exiting the grave, Link stumbles into the upper level of the inside of the hut, allowing the young hero to ride on top of the spinning platforms and thus reach the Piece of Heart.


  • A similar windmill makes a small appearance in Oracle of Seasons. The Windmill Man Guru-Guru plays a role in the trading game for the Noble Sword.
  • As they are considered the same area in-game, both the windmill and Dampé's Grave are referred to as "?" when entering them.


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