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Jungle of Favors

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Jungle of Favors
The Jungle of Favors is never seen in the book
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The Jungle of Favors is a location mentioned in the book The Shadow Prince.

After the King of Hyrule calls a Royal Council informing about the latest sightings of monsters appearing in strange places, he mentions that an entire mob of Darknuts were spotted in the Jungle of Favors the night before.[1] Since Darknuts don't usually appear outside of a cave or a castle, the king considers the spotting of the Darknuts in a jungle to be alarming and decides that the Triforce of Wisdom should be immediately delivered to the Fifth Castle of Ancient Hyrule to keep it safe from Ganon.[2]


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  2. "'I believe Ganon is after our Triforce of Wisdom again. It's in danger here. We must move it.' [...] To the Fifth Castle of Ancient Hyrule.'"  (The Shadow Prince (Mammoth) pg. 6)