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Jump Strike

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Jump Strike
TP Link Using Jump Strike.jpg
Link using the Jump Strike.
Main appearance(s)
Attacking multiple Enemies[2]

Jump Strike is an ability in Twilight Princess.[3]


The Jump Strike is the sixth Hidden Skill learned by Link. Link can learn this Hidden Skill by first finding a Howling Stone to awaken the White Wolf.[4] The Howling Stone needed to learn the Jump Strike can be found high on a ledge while climbing up Snowpeak. After howling with the White Wolf, the White Wolf instructs Link to find him while in human form.[5] The White Wolf also marks the location of where he can be found on Link's Map. Once Link returns to human form, he can find the White Wolf waiting in the back of the Kakariko Village Graveyard, just in front of the hole leading to the grave of King Zora. Approaching the White Wolf will return Link to the clouded area where the Hero's Spirit can teach Link the Jump Strike.

This Hidden Skill is an upgraded version of Link's already devastating Jump Slash, giving him a greater advantage against a group of enemies. Instead of tapping the Action Button while locked on to an enemy, holding the button will charge the Jump Slash to the upgraded Jump Strike.[6] When the A Button is released, Link will jump into the air, swing his Sword left and right to knock any enemies in his path, and then slam his Sword into the ground, creating a shockwave that will knock down all enemies in range.[7]


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