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Jules is a character in Breath of the Wild.


Jules is a Hylian girl who can be found in Gerudo Town. Jules can be found in various spots throughout Gerudo Town, such as outside of the Jewelry Store, Starlight Memories. If Link has not yet completed the "Tools of the Trade" Side Quest, Jules comments that she does not see any accessories on display and questions if the Shop is open or not.[1]

If Link speaks to Jules while she is standing at Ardin's General Store, which sells a variety of mushrooms, Jules will contemplate whether she should buy some Chillshrooms or some Sunshrooms.[2] If Link speaks to her while she is in the center of the Town or in The Noble Canteen, she will ask if Link's Gerudo Set are the clothes sold at Fashion Passion and mentions that she was thinking about buying some herself.[3] She also asks if the clothes are comfy.[4] Jules is suspicious that Link is a boy and asks if he is secretly in disguise.[5] Link will react in surprise after having his cover blown, confirming her suspicions. She compliments Link on his ability to get into the Town without anyone noticing and assures him that she will keep the secret between them.[6][7] Jules considers learning the Gerudo language while she is in Gerudo Town and again compliments Link that he makes a convincing girl.[8][9]

If Link speaks to Jules while she is in The Noble Canteen, she expresses how refreshing her drink is.[10] Jules explains that all of the drinks made at The Noble Canteen are made from the ice at the Northern Icehouse and that the Icehouse makes it possible to have cold drinks in the middle of the Gerudo Desert.[11][12] Jules comments that her drink is the Noble Pursuit, which is the signature product of the Canteen.[13] If Link asks about the Icehouse, Jules explains that it is an underground ice depository that harvests its ice from the Gerudo Highlands and stores it.[14][15] If Link asks where it is, she tells him to go past the ruins to the north of Gerudo Town and he will find it.[16] If Link warns Jules not to drink too much, she assures him that she is fine and is only going to have one more drink.[17] Before the conversation ends, Jules struggles to remember the Gerudo word for "good-bye" until finally recalling that it is "sav'orq."[18]


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