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Joyous Volunteer Association

Joyous Volunteer Association
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A Joy Pedestal
Decorate Windfall

The Joyous Volunteer Association is a group in The Wind Waker whose objective is to decorate Windfall Island with decorative items in order to make the town seem more lively and joyful.[1]


The association was created by Mrs. Marie, the town's school teacher, as she tries to spread joy to the island. Hearing of her efforts, Zunari also began to show an interest in volunteer activities,[2] opening his shop where Link can buy decorative items. Joy Pedestals can be found all around Windfall Island, both outside and inside buildings, where decorations can be placed.[3]

If Link places decorations in all Joy Pedestals in the outside of the island, he will be rewarded with a Piece of Heart from Sam.[4]



TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name
French Republic Flag.png French Bénévoles du Bonheur
Germany Flag.png German Freiwillige Gesellschaft für Glück und Frohsinn
Italy Flag.png Italian Associazione Volontari per la Felecità
Spain Flag.png SpanishEU Cuerpo de Voluntarios de la Felicidad


  1. "The association's objective is to decorate our little town of Windfall with flowers and other small decorative items to make our town a better, more joyous place." — Mrs. Marie (The Wind Waker)
  2. "If you must know, the society came into being when the shop master Zunari arrived here. He heard about my efforts to spread joy, and it moved him deeply. It was after that that he began to show an interest in volunteer activities..." — Mrs. Marie (The Wind Waker)
  3. "Have you seen the small metal pedestals all around town? We call those Joy Pedestals. Yeah, they got installed a little while ago by the newly formed Joyous Volunteer Association. It's part of this grand plan to help decorate the town." — Sam (The Wind Waker)
  4. "Anyway, they're brilliant! I may as well tell you that both myself and Zunari, the guy who runs that stall over there, are members. You just have to be a part of stuff like this! Hey there, little joy junior! Thanks so much for being a Joyous Volunteer!" — Sam (The Wind Waker)
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