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Joute is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1] He is a Horse enthusiast.[2]


Joute can be found on his Horse in Hateno Village or Hateno Fort. Joute has many Horse facts to share with Link, even if Link does not care.[3] He tells Link that the secret to holding on to your Horses is to approach them quietly and hop on quick.[4] He recommends petting the Horse after getting on them "to let them know you care."[5] Joute says that Horses can get tired after a lot of galloping, so it is wise to check up on them once in a while.[6] Joute also informs Link that there are other Animals one can ride besides a Horse,[7] but he would never waste his time on anything that is not a Horse.[8] During the night, Joute can be standing beside his Horse in Hateno Village. If Link talks to him, he explains that he loves Horses more than people because people smell odd and talk too much.[9]



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