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The Journalist is a character in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland.[1]


The Journalist is first encountered in Cape Treasure on the First Continent. Similar to every following time he is encountered, he is lying on the ground seemingly unconscious and needs to be revived with a juice that Tingle can make after learning the Recipe. The first time Tingle encounters him, he must give some Simple Juice to The Journalist to revive him. The second time, Sweet Juice should be used, the third time, Queen Juice, and the last time, Emperor Juice. Each time after reviving The Journalist, Tingle will receive a substantial reward.

Immediately after each encounter, the Journalist can be found in Port Town, and is more than happy to purchase any juices that Tingle has previously given him.

The Journalist always speaks as though he is talking to a reading or viewing audience, rather then to Tingle himself.[2]


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