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Jora is a character in Breath of the Wild.[1]


Jora is a Hylian who travels with Dillie. Link can find Jora and Dillie in the West Barrens of the Gerudo Desert being attacked by a group of Bokoblins. If Link defeats the monsters and speaks to Jora, he tells Link that they are headed to Gerudo Town and that they are young and single.[2] Jora then comments that the women would like the way Link fights, but not his face.[3] He then exclaims that it is time to go to Gerudo Town and that he does not want to be late to his "future wife."[4] If Link speaks to Jora while he is standing beside Dillie and looking out into the Desert, Jora comments that they need to make it through the huge Desert to get to Gerudo Town,[5] further explaining that they should be fine because Dillie knows the way.[6] When Dillie says that he thought Jora was the one who knew where to go,[7] Jora is shocked and asks when they decided he was leading the way.[8]


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