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This page is about the items in Oracle of Seasons. For the items in Breath of the Wild, see Gem.
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Use(s) Accessing the Tarm Ruins

Jewels are key items in Oracle of Seasons.[1]

Location and Uses


The Jewels are a set of four key items that are hidden strategically around the world of Holodrum. They are used in conjunction with each other to enter the Tarm Ruins, whose passage is opened by inserting the four Jewels into their respective slots in the entrance walls.

Purchasing the Treasure Map from the Horon Village Shop will show the locations of each Jewel on the world map, represented by a twinkling icon.

The Pyramid Jewel is hidden in one of two areas. In a non-Linked Game, it is at the end of a underwater cavern outside the Dancing Dragon Dungeon. In a Linked Game, it is tossed onto a ledge at the base of the Sunken Falls by Vire, who appears after Link opens a nearby Chest.

The Round Jewel is given to Link by an Old Man after he has obtained the first five Essences of Nature.[2]

The Square Jewel is hidden in one of two areas. In a non-Linked Game, it is inside a cave in Spool Swamp. In a Linked Game, it is found in a cave near Eyeglass Lake during summer.

The X-Shaped Jewel is hidden on a island off the Western Coast. To reach it, Link must use the Slingshot to light an offshore beacon, creating a bridge, and then use a Mystery Seed on a question mark-shaped rock beyond the bridge. The "Black Beast" (a Mini-Moldorm) will emerge, and defeating it will yield the X-Shaped Jewel.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.gif
Language Name
Jewels X-Shaped Jewel Pyramid Jewel Round Jewel Square Jewel
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland EnglishUK Jewels X-Shaped Jewel Pyramid Jewel
Pyramid Stone Triforce piece.png
Round Jewel Square Jewel
French Republic FrenchEU Joyaux Joyau Croix Joyau Pyramide
Pierre Pyramidale Triforce piece.png
Joyau Rond Joyau Carré
Federal Republic of Germany German Juwelen X-Juwel Pyramiden-Juwel
Pyramiden-Stein Triforce piece.png
Rund-Juwel Karo-Juwel
Italian Republic Italian Gioielli Gioiello a X Gioiello a Piramide
Pietra Piramide Triforce piece.png
Gioiello Tondo Gioiello Quadro
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Joyas Joya en X Joya Piramidal
Piedra Piramidal Triforce piece.png
Joya Redonda Joya Cuadrada
Community of Latin American and Caribbean States SpanishLA Joyas Triforce piece.png


  1. "The jewels are treasures from days gone by. It has been said that something will happen once all four of these mystical stones have been found." (Oracle of Seasons manual, pg. 33)
  2. "Oh keeper of the essences! I have awaited your arrival! I give you this!" — Old Man (Oracle of Seasons)
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