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Water Spirit redirects here. For the boss referred to as Water Spirit in pre-release materials, see Morpha.
TWW Jabun.png
TitleWater Spirit[1]
AttributesGuardian of Greatfish Isle
Guardian of Nayru's Pearl
Game(s)The Wind Waker
EraEra of the Great Sea

Jabun is a major character in The Wind Waker.[3] He is thought to be a descendant of Jabu-Jabu.[4]


Jabun is a giant fish known as the Water Spirit who used to live at Greatfish Isle. He can only speak Ancient Hylian. Before Greatfish Isle was destroyed, he sensed Ganondorf coming and fled to a cave hidden in Outset Island.[2] Knowing of his whereabouts and seeking the third pearl, the King of Red Lions and Link sailed to his new home. Although Jabun at first hesitated to hand over Nayru's Pearl to one who had no connection to the Hero of Time, the Water Spirit relented and gave the final pearl to Link, leaving it up to the gods to test the true courage of the young hero.[5] [6][7]

Jabun (Figurine from The Wind Waker)
TWW Jabun Figurine Model.png
Birthplace: Greatfish Isle
Water Spirit

Jabun can only speak Hylian, so hardly anyone understands a word he says.


  • His theme is very similar to that of the music played Inside Jabu-Jabu's belly in Ocarina of Time.
  • Despite having lived on Greatfish Isle, his figurine is placed in the room of Outset Island characters, as he moves and stays there during the rest of the game.
  • Jabun is based on an angler fish, as shown by his shape and the lantern on his head; he also resembles the Angler Fish enemies from Link's Awakening and Oracle of Ages.
  • Jabun recognizes the King of Red Lions as the King of Hyrule and greets him as such, although Link remains unaware because he cannot speak ancient Hylian.[8]
  • The Prima Games guide for The Wind Waker says that Jabun was once known as Jabu-Jabu.[9] Given Hyrule Historia's claim that Jabun is more likely a descendant, this is not thought to be canon.
  • Inside the files of The Wind Waker is an audio clip of a screaming noise Jabun was intended to make - while it is never used in connection to him in the final game, a sped-up version is instead heard after obtaining the Triforce Chart onboard the Ghost Ship.[10]



TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ジャブー (Jabū)
French-speaking countries French Jabu
Federal Republic of Germany German Jaboo
Italian Republic Italian Jabun Same as English.
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Yabú


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