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The Isle of Gust is a location in Phantom Hourglass.[citation needed] It is an island located in the northwestern quadrant of the Sea.

Isle of Gust
PH Isle of Gust.png
The Isle of Gust as seen from the SS Linebeck
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Link struggles against strong winds at the Isle of Gust

The island plays home to the Temple of Wind and the Spirit of Wisdom, Neri. As its name suggests, this island is plagued with high winds and sudden strong gusts, making battling and getting around trickier than on other islands. In order to gain access to the temple, Link must first navigate through the Miniblin-infested, and windy southern portion of the island; to succeed, he must take advantage of the wind gusts so that he can reach spots that are inaccessible otherwise. Once in the northern portion, he needs to locate and blow three particular fans (of the many that are installed in he place) in a desert zone inhabited by sandy creatures. Doing this provides access to the dungeon.

Hidden away on the island are numerous treasures: a Courage Gem, a Wisdom Gem, a Treasure Map and a Power Gem.


  Names in Other Regions  
Language Name Meaning
  FrenchCA Ile des Vents Isle of Winds
  FrenchEU Île du Vent Isle of Wind
  German Insel des Windes
  Italian Isola folata
  Spanish Isla del Viento Isle of Wind


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