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Island of Hyron

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Island of Hyron
Fifth Palace (VC).png
Link and Zelda arrive to the Fifth Palace, located on the Island of Hyron
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The Island of Hyron is a location featured in the The Legend of Zelda comics by Valiant Comics. It is home to the Fifth Palace. To be able to reach the island, many dangerous places must be crossed, including a desert, a ravaging sea, and dark caves.[1] A man (presumably a Hylian Soldier) is disguised as an Iron Knuckle, and was charged by a past king to protect the treasure that rests there.[2]


When Princess Zelda realizes that the only way to keep the Triforce of Wisdom is by going to a faraway land with the sacred relic in hand, she decides to go to the Fifth Palace located on the Island of Hyron and retrieve the Magic Flute from there, which will warp her to a distant location away from Ganon.[3][4] Upon reaching the Island of Hyron, the young duo venture into the palace, where the Blue Iron Knuckle challenges them but loses due to Link's skill with a blade. The knight surrenders, and shows them the way to the magic flute to give to Zelda. [5]


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