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Mail Center

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Mail Center
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The Mail Center,[1] also known as the Island Postal Service,[name reference missing] is the expeditious mailing system established by the Ritos in The Wind Waker. It is a service that takes complete advantage of the Rito ability to fly. This unique trait increases the efficiency of mail carrying and delivery across the various islands of the Great Sea.

Features and Overview

The Island Postal Service is lead by the head postman, Koboli, and his assistant, Baito, at its headquarters on Dragon Roost Island. The service employs a bounty of Rito postman in their delivery department, with Quill at the helm of such deliveries. When it comes down to personally delivering letters and messages to Link, Quill is the Rito who always steps up to the job, often finding Link himself throughout his journey across the Great Sea.

The Island Postal Service's operations stretch as far as their individual Mail Boxes, many of which are situated on the main islands of the Great Sea, including the Forest Haven and Windfall Island, but also appear on smaller islands, such as Bomb Island, as well.

Letter Sorting

Early on in the game, Link is able to aid the Island Postal Service with the sorting of mail, supervised by Koboli, in the Letter Sorting mini-game. Although many islands on the Great Sea receive mail and participate with the Island Postal Service, the mail is only sorted into six boxes, all with a different insignia. To aid Koboli in mail sorting, Link must first sort at least 20 letters within a 25 second time limit, a task that is simply completed if one moves fast with their sorting. Like a job, Link gets paid one Rupee per sorted letter if he does sort 20 or more letters within the time alloted. Link can subsequently help in sorting at later times to see an increase of not only letters to sort, but in his letter to Rupee ratio as well - an like any puzzle in the Zelda series, the time counter will become more stringent as higher sorting levels are reached.

Koboli notices an increase of letters over the game progresses, and since Link can only contribute to the service when he pleases, he hires a permanent assistant, Baito, who takes over Link's sorting job at the Island Postal Service headquarters when Link is away. Of course, Link can contribute his services, and maintain his payment, to the Island Postal Service at anytime, regardless of Baito's employment.


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