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Iron Shield

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Iron Shield
Iron Shield Icon SS.png
The Iron Shield in Skyward Sword

The Iron Shield is a durable defensive item that replaces the Wooden Shield in Oracle of Ages, Oracle of Seasons and Skyward Sword.


Oracle of Seasons

OoX Iron Shield Sprite.png
Link obtaining the Iron Shield in Oracle of Ages

The Iron Shield defends Link against some attacks that the L-1 Wooden Shield cannot, but it is not as potent as the L-3 Mirror Shield. Obtaining the Iron Shield is optional. Like all Shields in these games, it can be stolen by Like Likes if they attack Link. If this happens, another Iron Shield can be purchased from a shop.

In Oracle of Ages, it can be obtained on Crescent Island. After the Tokay steal Link's items when he first arrives on their island, he must regain his arsenal one-by-one by speaking with each Tokay individually. One Tokay thief can be found in a cavern on the south edge of the island, which can only be reached by swimming. Instead of returning the Wooden Shield Link originally lost, this Tokay will instead return an upgraded Iron Shield.

In Oracle of Seasons, Link can earn the Iron Shield by offering the Subrosian Smithy a piece of Hard Ore and a Wooden Shield. Link can also obtain the shield via secrets in a Linked Game. In this case, Link can upgrade the Iron Shield to the Mirror Shield through the aforementioned methods.

In terms of functionality, this shield is similar to the Magical Shield of The Legend of Zelda and Red Shield of A Link to the Past.

Skyward Sword

The shield appears again in Skyward Sword and bears two symbols that resemble footprints, possibly those of a Loftwing. It can be bought from the Gear Shop at the Bazaar for 100 Rupees after the Skyview Temple is completed. Compared to the Wooden Shield, the iron variant is more durable and does not burn when it comes in contact with fire.[1] However, it does conduct electricity and will send shocks to Link when it comes into contact with electricity.[2] This can be negated if Link performs a Shield Bash just as the electricity connects. It can be upgraded by Gondo to increase its durability. The Iron Shield is superseded by the Sacred Shield, which repels fire, electricity and curse attacks.

Name Image Uses Upgrade Cost Upgraded By
Reinforced Shield Reinforced-Shield-Icon.png Increased durability SS Eldin Ore Icon.png 1 Eldin Ore
SS Monster Claw Icon.png 2 Monster Claws
SS Ornamental Skull Icon.png 2 Ornamental Skulls
SS Green Rupee Icon.png 50 Rupees
Fortified Shield Fortified Shield Icon.png Further increased durability SS Eldin Ore Icon.png 3 Eldin Ore
SS Monster Claw Icon.png 3 Monster Claws
SS Tumbleweed Icon.png 3 Tumbleweeds
SS Blue Bird Feather Icon.png 1 Blue Bird Feather
SS Green Rupee Icon.png 100 Rupees


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 鉄のたて (Tetsu no Tate) Iron Shield
French-speaking countries French Écu de Fer Iron Shield
Canada FrenchCA Bouclier de fer (SS)
Federal Republic of Germany German Eisenschild Iron Shield
Italian Republic Italian Scudo di Ferro Iron Shield
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Escudo de Hierro Iron Shield


  1. "It's much more durable than a wooden shield, and I'm happy to report that it won't burst into flames!" — Rupin (Skyward Sword)
  2. "I suppose I should warn you that it won't protect you from electricity, which could come as a nasty...shock." — Rupin (Skyward Sword)