Iron Door

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Iron Door
Iron Door.png
The Iron Door as seen in the book
Other appearance(s)
Prevents entry to the Cavern

The Iron Door is an object featured in The Crystal Trap.[1] Situated just outside of the Cavern, Princess Zelda can only open the door if she has the Large Brass Key in her possession, allowing her to access the cavern and eventually receive the Fairy's Scroll from the Blue Fairy.[2]

If Zelda does not have the Large Brass Key with her, Zelda will slump to the ground, trying to decide what to do but is then attacked by a Rope Snake.[3] The book ends with a Game Over with Zelda screaming for help.[4]

The book offers a puzzle which will help the reader see the item that Zelda will need while inside the cavern. When the puzzle is solved, it will spell out the word "Magic Arrows."


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