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SS Inventory Gear Subscreen Overlay.png
The Inventory screen from Skyward Sword
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Purpose Changing items

The Inventory,[1][2] also known as the Collection,[3][4] the Items Screen,[5] the Item Subscreen,[citation needed] or the Subscreen and the Sub-Screen in Link's Awakening,[6][7] is the location where the storing, showcasing, and equipping of various items, Tunics, and Swords occurs.[8] The Inventory is, in The Legend of Zelda series, a separate subscreen that appears at the press of a button, presenting Link's items, Maps, and other miscellany all in one location. Use of the Inventory stops gameplay and time so that the player can select the option, whether it be an item, Tunic, Shield, or anything else that fits the situation at hand. Because of this, the Inventory can be accessed at any time during the game, except during cutscenes and any screen that is not in-game.


The Legend of Zelda

The Adventure of Link

A Link to the Past

Link's Awakening

The Subscreen from Link's Awakening DX

In Link's Awakening, the Subscreen is accessed by pressing the Start button. It allows Link to browse his possessions. As such, he can see his collection of items, his current item in the Trading Sequence, the number of Rupees, Heart Containers, and Secret Seashells he possesses, the Instruments of the Sirens he got so far, which Dungeon Key he is holding onto and whether or not he has obtained the Flippers and Secret Medicine. Link can also re-organize the location of his items in the Subscreen. Having a maximum capacity of two items equipped at once, he can decide which items he wants to equip on this screen.[7] Upon holding the Select button on the Subscreen, Link can see how many Pieces of Heart he is missing until he fills another Heart Container.[6] In Link's Awakening DX, holding the Select button also lets him know which Clothes he is wearing and the number of Photographs he has taken so far.

Ocarina of Time

Ocarina of Time 3D

Majora's Mask

Majora's Mask 3D

Oracle of Seasons

Oracle of Ages

The Wind Waker

The Wind Waker HD

The Minish Cap

Twilight Princess

Twilight Princess HD

Phantom Hourglass

Spirit Tracks

Skyward Sword

A Link Between Worlds

Breath of the Wild

Other Appearances

BS The Legend of Zelda

Ancient Stone Tablets

The Faces of Evil

The Wand of Gamelon

Zelda's Adventure



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