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Interloper War

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Interloper War
The Interlopers as represented in Lanayru's story of the war.
Game(s) Twilight Princess
Location(s) Hyrule
Twilight Realm
Occurrence(s) The Dark Interlopers attempt to invade the Sacred Realm, sparking a war across the land over the Triforce.
Resolution(s) The Golden Goddesses banish the Interlopers to the Twilight Realm.

The Interloper War is a fanon name for the conflict that occurred in the backstory of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.


The Fused Shadow, source of the Interlopers' power.

Hyrule was created by the Golden Goddesses: Din, Nayru, and Farore. After the goddesses were finished with Hyrule, they created another parallel world known as the Sacred Realm.[1] Before departing the realm, the Golden Goddesses left behind the three golden triangles filled with their power, these three triangles when put together would become a larger triangle known as the Triforce. After this, Hyrule was at peace for a number of years.

The legend of a supreme power spread across Hyrule, causing a great war over the location of the Sacred Realm.[2] During this war, the tribe skilled in dark magic known only as the Dark Interlopers attempted to establish dominion over the Sacred Realm and establish their power using the Fused Shadow. Ordered by the Golden Goddesses, the Light Spirits intervened. They sealed away the great magic those individuals had mastered,[3] and splintered it, so it became the fragments of the Fused Shadow hidden in the temples of Hyrule. The goddesses chased the interlopers across Hyrule and banished them to the Twilight Realm using the Mirror of Twilight.[4][5]

The descendants of the Interlopers became the Twili, doomed to live as mere shadows in the Twilight.[6]

This story bears similarities to the Era of Chaos which occurred some time after the events of Skyward Sword, although it is not known for certain whether they are the same event.


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