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Main appearance(s)

The Innkeeper is a character in A Link to the Past.[citation needed]


The Innkeeper works in the Inn in Kakariko Village, directly east of the Bug-Catching Kid's house. He is unnamed, but is familiar with and knows Link's name. He tells Link about Zora's Lake and refers to the Zora's Flippers and their ability to make Link swim.[citation needed] Later on, if Link visits him again, the man talks about the Flute Boy, the Flute Boy's pet bird, and his disappearance after going to Death Mountain.[1]

The Innkeeper is seen with the Bug-Catching Kid and the Informant Woman wearing a yellow dress during the ending sequence.




  1. "He had a pet bird that went with him everywhere, but he went to the mountain and never returned." — Innkeeper (A Link to the Past)