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Ice Lake

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Ice Lake
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The Ice Lake is an area of the Dark World in A Link to the Past.[1] It is the Dark World counterpart of Lake Hylia, and as such shares many similar landmarks. It is also where the Ice Palace is located.

Features and Overview

Unlike the pristine blue water of Lake Hylia, the water of the lake is a murky green. Also unlike Lake Hylia, the lake itself has no source, as the bridge that would connect it to the rivers of Hyrule is merely a dam in the Dark World. It is home to many enemies as well. Zirros float above the lake dropping explosives, while Pikits and Slaroks can be found on the shores. Ku fill the lake, much like Zoras in the Light World. Despite the seemingly giant iceberg in the center of the lake, the lake appears to be shallower than its Hyrule counterpart. Aside from the Ice Palace, situated on the seamingly inpenetrable Ice Island in the center of the lake, there is not much else of interest to be found in the area. An Item Shop can be found on the west side, much like in the Light World, and a cave with a storytelling hermit can be found in the west. One of the only two Whirlpool Warps of the Dark World can be found to the east, which transports Link to the waterfalls up north. Ice Island, along with the Ice Palace itself, can only be accessed by using the Warp Tile outside the Pond of Happiness in the Light World. Its also worth noting that the west side of the lake cannot be reached until Link has obtained the Magic Hammer.


  • The Ice Lake, as well as the Ice Cave, are the first ice themed areas to appear in a Zelda game, and the Ice Palace is the first ice-based dungeon as well.
  • It is probably no mere coincidence that the Ice Cave containing the Ice Rod can be found in Lake Hylia, as each area of the Dark World reflects aspects of the Light counterpart.
  • The Ice Lake and Ice Palace are referenced by Frozen Hyrule in Four Swords Adventures. It is also possible that the freezing of Zora's Domain in Ocarina of Time was a reference to this region.
  • In the Nintendo Player's Guide, it is stated that Ganon himself caused the lake to freeze and that he caused it to snow, but this is not considered canon. It is also stated that the Ice Island is actually a giant iceberg, with the decending floors of the Ice Palace reaching down to the bottom of the lake itself.


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